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Tipo de Contenedor 20' 40'
Standard Ver Ver
High Cube   Ver
Reefer Ver Ver
Open Top Usted esta aquí Ver
Tank Tainer Ver  
High Cube Reefer   Ver
Fixed flat Rack Ver Ver
Collapsible Flat Rack Ver Ver

Teléfono Mesa Central:
(562) 421 08 50

San Pío X 2460 - Of. 1509 Providencia, Santiago de Chile


These containers are adequate for heavy and/or over dimension cargo,
collapsing its frontal and back walls, allowing and easy stowage and transport.
They are also equipped with ringbolts and several other elements to secure cargo.

Capacity Door Opening Dimensions
Cubic Capacity 32.3 m3 Width 2,338 mm
Max Cargo Weight 28,120 kg Height 2,234 mm
Tare Weight 2,360 kg  
Max Gross Weight 30,480 kg  
Internal Dimensions Top Opening Dimensions
Length 5,900 mm Width 2,350 mm
Width 2,350 mm Height 2,392 mm
Height 2,330 mm  


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